Homo Photosyntheticus lab

Homo Photosyntheticus lab at ART2M speculates on our becoming Homo Photosyntheticus, or how to steer humans and human society towards a more symbiotic and solarized future. Through practical and theoretical research at the crossroads of art and science, it will include true stories, speculative fabulations and realistic speculations inspired by the metaphor of Homo Photosyntheticus.

It studies algae and their role in the global equation of photosynthesis and planetary ecosystems, their major potential for the sustainable development of food, health and energy; it highlights the fragility of marine photosymbiosis in the face of climate change, but also their inspiring encounter with human physiology and medicine, as well as the interest shown in them by space research. The research lab aims at the production of an essay film and art installation.

Lab team: Maya Minder, Ewen Chardronnet