[videos] LASER Paris, Another Planet

During this LASER Paris meeting (see the announcement of the event here), two artists - Michèle Boulogne and Antti Tenetz and two scientists, one in Humanities and the other in hard science - Luis Campos and Chloé Audas, shated their researches and knowledge, their approaches and results.

Alltogether, we discussed what is, or what could be, another planet —another one than ours or ours but differently.

Michèle Boulogne presentation is in French, the others in English.

Annick Bureaud, Introduction, Une autre planète


Luis Campos - Ascensions and Astrobotany: Islands in the Sky


Discussion Luis Campos with Chloé Audas


Michèle Boulogne - Mining the Sky, The Pursuit of Finitude


Antti Tenetz - Into the Void - art in extreme environments? space, mine, research station in sub-arctic wilderness, analog astronaut missions


Michèle Boulogne, Antti Tenetz, discussion



Annick Bureaud

Programme created by Leonardo/ISAST (www.leonardo.info), LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendez-vous, www.leonardo.info/laser) is a sharing of experiences around art-science projects in semi-formal meetings, outside the institutional framework.

LASER Paris of March 14th 2024 has been organised by Leonardo/Olats in partnership with Matrice, centre for social and technological innovation (https://www.matrice.io/), with the support of Rice Global Paris Center (https://global.rice.edu/pariscenter).