Meander/Boreal Forest residency

The two-month fully supported Meander/Boreal Forest residency by Northern Photographic Centre provides access to the Oulanka Research Station (FI). It is aimed at artists who want to create a new work at intersection of art, science and ecology.

The research station and its surroundings provide opportunities for research and art in a wide range of fields including climate, biodiversity, extreme conditions, stream ecology, coniferous zone research, land use change and transformation, biology, remote sensing and past, present and possible futures. The area provides opportunities for study of the various impacts of climate change on local populations, nature and the vitality of the area. Artist(s) will be able to research and work with long-term research data and real-time research environments, such as the EcoClimate sensor and testing fields in a hillside swamp and a pine forest.

The two-month residency will take place partly in the city of Oulu and partly at the Oulanka Research Station in Kuusamo, from 8 June – 1 July 2023 and 8 July – 8 August 2023. Autumn and winter 2023–2024 are also possible.