ISkRA artist and writer residencies

ISkRA intensive by Zavod Projekt Atol takes the form of a summer school in Ljubljana (SI). In doing so, it will create an environment for establishing new alliances and connections and sparking new ideas related to planetary futures. Besides its educational aspect, the purpose of the intensive is also to shape a concrete set of questions that will serve as the guidelines for other activities of Projekt Atol within the More-than-Planet project and a dedicated issue of Šum Journal.

The intensive is accompanied by two four-week residencies. First, the artist-in-residence is dedicated to development of a new project informed by the worldbuilding mindset, infrastructural and ecosystemic questions and practices of planetary 'reimageenering' (re-imagining and re-engineering).

Second, the writer-in-residence is a counterpart of the AiR and hosts authors that work within a theory-fiction genre. Here, writing is understood as practice of articulating descriptions of the world yet to come, and fiction as a tool of proposing new planetary imaginaries that might inform actual political, economic, technological, ecological interventions.

ISkRA in 2023

  • The first edition of the intensive will happen under the title of ARIA (algo-rhytmic ideation academy) between 21-26 August 2023 and is curated by Tjaša Pogačar and Brandon Rosenbluth.
  • First ISkRA residents are Alice Bucknell (artist and writer, London/LA), and Ondřej Trhoň (theorist and game developer, Prague).

More info? Listen to Šum Pod - a podcast by Šum Journal

Šum Pod#3 consists of an interview with Alice Bucknell on worldbuilding, narratives framing space exploration, speculative fiction as descriptive practice, magic and unravelling human language structures with the help of AI systems.

Šum Pod#5 discusses comparative planetology, geopolitics of “spectral Earth”, post-anthropocentric design practice, fashion, role of art institutions - together with Lukaš Likavčan (Slovak philosopher and More-than-Planet working group coordinator).