Deeplabs at Northern Photographic Centre will invite local and international artists, selected through open calls, to attend two workshops and networking innovations for different locations and layers: earth, forest and deep underground. The outputs will lead to new artworks, articles and streamed talk series.

The two research labs focus on major global changes and their local impact. They will seek solutions and development for the future through dialogue between art and science, by looking with a critical take at emerging technologies in climate and space research, satellite observation, biotech and artificial intelligence. Read more about the two labs below.

Boreal forest lab explores Oulanka research station data and visual possibilities to new climate change visuality.

Deep Earth lab explores underground mine at Pyh.j.rvi. Possible themes based on existing research done there: dark matter and heavy particles, ancient life underground and analogue astronaut training possibilities in isolation.

Lab coordinator: Antti Tenetz