Transdisciplinary Workshop at Waag Futurelab

8 March 2023, Waag Futurelab, Nieuwmarkt 4, Amsterdam (NL)

This workshop, led by Miha Turšič (Waag Futurelab), focused on bridging conceptual and technological realms, the way they relate and what knowledge, technologies and data are needed for development of concrete cases. The goal was to create a common understanding and create connections between environmental thinkers, philosophers, artists, scientists, tech developers and users.

The participants included John Palmesino (Territorial Agency), Sujata Majumdar (Space4Good/Waag), Jeff Diamanti (University of Amsterdam), Frans Snik (Leiden University), Chris Julien (More-than-Planet workgroup), Federico Franciamore (Space4Good), Justin Steward (SPUN), Joost Grotens (Professor of Artistic Research in Visual Design at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen) and Michèle Boulogne (Artist).