More-Than-Planet symposium: the Ocean-Space-Ocean edition at ISEA 2023 - Symbiosis

16 – 17 May 2023, Délégation Wallonie Bruxelles, Paris (FR)

Tuesday 16 May 2023 - from 2pm to 7pm
Wednesday 17 May 2023 - from 2pm to 6pm

Délégation Wallonie Bruxelles - 274 Bd Saint-Germain, 75007 Paris

This "Ocean-Space-Ocean" edition of the "More-Than-Planet" symposium series will bring together artists and researchers to question the role of the oceans in planetary balances and the perspectives offered by marine biodiversity in the ecological transition.

The ocean is not a solid, flat and extended surface where supertankers are moving around, burning oil to transport oil, food or manufactured goods. It is not simply a geography of the depths inhabited by a fauna and a flora that would be at the image of what we find on land. In the water column, between the bottom and the surface, lives a multitude of microorganisms playing a central role in the global biogeochemical balance of our planet. Despite our dreams of conquering the solar system, Earth’s ocean is still truly "alien" to us.

An event by Makery / Art2M in partnership and with the support of : European Union, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles / Paris – Délégation Wallonie-Bruxelles à Paris, Pro Helvetia, Centre Culturel Suisse - On Tour and l’Ambassade de Suisse en France.
A partner event of ISEA2023, 28th International Symposium on Electronic Art.

More-Than-Planet symposium: the Ocean-Space-Ocean edition at ISEA 2023 - Symbiosis


  • Ewen Chardronnet - curator
  • Carine Le Malet - curator
  • Rob La Frenais - moderator
  • Pauline Briand - moderator
  • Miha Turšič - More-Than-Planet consortium
  • Marko Peljhan - More-Than-Planet consortium

TUESDAY 16 MAY - 2pm to 7pm

  • Gabriel Gee (Teti group) - art historian
  • Maya Minder - artist
  • Sébastien Dutreuil - historian and philosopher of science
  • Alice Pallot - artist
  • Anthea Oestreicher - artist
  • Hideo Iwasaki - artist and biologist
  • Anne-Marie Maes - artist

WEDNESDAY 17 MAY - 2pm to 6pm

  • Elena Cirkovic - law researcher
  • Bureau d'études - artists collective
  • Territorial Agency - artists collective
  • Disnovation - artists collective
  • Federico Franciamore (Space4Good) - data scientist