More-than-Planet Symposium

11 July 2022, Old Observatory Leiden (NL)

The transdisciplinary artworks and methods showcased at the More-than-Planet exhibition and symposium aim to open a discussion on how technologies and drivers behind their development matter at reducing pressure on the environment.

Art-driven collaboration

The symposium showcased some of the iconic transdisciplinary works of art, discuss art-driven collaborations as developed through number of STARTS projects addressing the shared understanding of socio-environmental troubles, and discuss the necessary next steps. For this symposium, we've teamed up with Old Observatory Leiden.

How are these iconic works produced and made? What is their point of departure? How do transdisciplinary projects function? And how can space and earth researchers collaborate with artists? More on a meta-level: how do art works contribute to how space policy is done? The aim was to work towards inclusive environmental observations and to highlight invisible stories.