More-than-Planet Expo Finissage

16 December 2022, Old Observatory, Leiden (NL)

More-than-Planet Expo Finissage

The More-than-Planet expo finissage on Friday 16th of December brought together artists, experts and the general public. The finissage featured conversations about interactions between artistic research and satellite data research, with presentations by Disnovation (art and research collective) and Space4Good (social enterprise for a better planet and society), and a roundtable discussion joined by Meta Knol (director of Leiden European City of Science) and Frans Snik (astronomer Leiden University).

The roundtable discussion focused on the importance of artistic perspectives and experiments on and with earth observation technologies. How can we create new public imaginaries of Gaia, and strengthen public agency in the context of global social and ecological issues?

To conclude: the speakers agreed that more collaborative and transdisciplinary work amongst scientists, artists and social enterprises is needed in order to address the ecological crisis and to work towards new, more inclusive planetary imaginaries. The discussion offered a glimpse of the work way and methodology of More-than-Planet, and further activities.

It was followed by a guided tour by the curator Miha Turšič, and a festive gathering with drinks and snacks.

About the speakers

A research collective that works at the interface between contemporary art, research and hacking, and compose tailor-made teams for each investigation together with academics, engineers, and designers. More specficially, their recent artistic provocations seek to empower post growth imaginaries and practices while challenging dominant techno-solutionist ideologies.

Space4Good develops environmental sensing and observation and conflict monitoring projects and it values the creative and artistic perspectives in its practice. Therefore, Space4Good participates in More-than-Planet as the partner from the industry sector. A certified Benefit Corporation, supporting by a team of impact-driven data scientists, remote sensing & GIS experts, software developers as well as environmental and urban planners using our unique skills and experience for social and environmental impact.

Frans Snik
Astronomer and Lead of the Citizen Science Lab at Leiden University.

Meta Knol
Director of Leiden European City of Science 2022. After receiving her master’s degree in art history, Meta has curated numerous exhibitions. She is the former director of Museum De Lakenhal at Leiden, and co-initiated cultural initiatives such as Framer Framed in Amsterdam and, more recently, the Ministery of the Future.