More-than-Planet at Ars Electronica Festival

6 – 10 September 2023, POSTCITY, Linz, AT

More-than-Planet at Ars Electronica Festival

Ars Electronica Festival in Linz (Austria) is a time-honoured festival that scrutinises potential futures and focusses on the nexus of art, technology and society.

The theme of the festival this year is titled ‘Who Owns the Truth’, in which it looks into different aspects of what constitutes truth, and who owns them.

More-than-Planet at Ars Electronica Exhibition, Conference and More-than-Planet Lab

The More-than-Planet programme at the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz will consist of a thematic exhibition , a conference day, guided expert tours, and a More-than-Planet Lab for discussion and workshops.

More-than-Planet Lab

The More-than-Planet Lab will provide a working stage to discuss and work on More-than-Planet topics such as space ethics and law, Earth as a space shelter, mapping of comparative planetology, and the environmental impact of space travel. The approach of the More-than-Planet project is practice-based research, which will allow festival visitors to engage in creative and critical making of our planet. Environmental concerns as emerging from arts and practice-based planetary research can help in developing progressive environmental thinking. How should we organise for these next steps?

More-than-Planet’s Lab will offer artists, designers, creative thinkers, environmental researchers and experts in space research an opportunity to participate and think together. We invite you to join a diverse programme of workshops led by project partners.

Planetary Public Stack

One of the underlaying efforts of the More-than-Planet project is to equip European researchers, creatives, artists and designers with understandings and tools with which they can better engage into socio-environmental transitions towards building heterogenous and inclusive understandings and expressions of shared planetary views, concerns, interests and heritage.

At Ars Electronica Festival, Waag Futurelab will premiere the Planetary Public Stack as a work in progress, functioning as a tool for discussion. It is based on the understanding that planetary imaginaries with their socio-environmental impact fundamentally depend on environing technologies and infrastructures. It builds from conceptual foundations of the comparative planetary imaginaries (matterings, concepts, cosmologies) toward required capacities (technologies, tools, data, skills) and the development of concrete new cases of public imaginaries. Alongside a visual map of the Planetary Public Stack there will be a diverse selection of related video screenings with our project partner’s trans-disciplinary activities.

More-than-Planet at Ars Electronica Festival